Pool lighting has never been this easy

Thanks to progress in technology and design innovation, we can now change the night by the pool that is fun in your backyard into magical nights in the magical country, all with the floating light of this solar water. This cute light source provides unmatched flexibility, can work in ponds, spas, ponds, or lake. This will add jazz to your night beside the pool.

Very beautiful with appearance. This is well made by Chinese designers. It looked neat when it was really dark. The darker it’s getting bright floating light. During the day, he served himself calmly on the water, giving a lot of animated pools.

It’s a miracle for the night pool party. Whether you spend an Easter night with your family beside the pool, or hold an elegant wedding in your backyard, floating light floating lights will add to the atmosphere to your party. It shines like a star in the sky, changing the pool into a luxurious protection.

It acts as a coast guard. Guests who are not familiar with your home and children can avoid dropping or slipped into the pool thanks to floating light lighting.

Bright. The light comes from high-quality LED manufacturers in China. The elegance emitted was very bright in the night.

It’s colorful. It is available in various colors, such as red, blue, green, yellow and white. So, you can use more than one light to have different colors in your pool. It also has several lighting modes – flash quickly, slow lights, steady-on, and rotary flash – so it will never make you tired visually.

This is energy efficient. Solar modules hidden in the scope of changing energy from direct sunlight – no need for electricity. During the day the light floats under the sun absorbing enough energy to power light at night.

It’s waterproof. It’s well tested in the laboratory before coming to the market. It’s sealed well and 100% waterproof if you mess it properly.

It’s durable. Many customers report back that they are still in good condition after 2 years. But their metal lights were stuck on the ground around the pool at the same time the floating LED was placed on the surface of the water rusting after 4 months. No matter through what type of wear caused by the changing weather, it is proven strong after several years.