Email Deliverability

For an email marketer, or indeed anyone who spends a good deal of time communicating on the internet through email, email deliverability is of critical importance. Whether or not email is delivered basically determines whether or not you are communicating. If you are not communicating, you are no doubt not achieving your goals. Let’s see what email deliverability is, what affects it and how you can improve it.It covers everything that has to do with whether the emails that you are sending out are reaching their intended targets. There are many things that can affect the deliverability of an email, and knowing what they are and how to resolve them will help improve your email deliverability.

Many users do not know the exact issues that can affect email deliverability. They know that after you type out an email and are happy with it, all Distribute tokens they have to do is click send and their email should reach the recipient a few moments later. But there are things that can reduce deliverability.They can bounce, usually for two reasons. The first is that the email address can have an error. The error may be as small as a punctuation mark that ended up in the wrong place. The second reason emails will bounce is because there is a technical problem in the system. A broken server, for example, may bounce emails. They may be delivered when the server is corrected, but to you, the sender, they will have sent you a return email saying that they were not delivered.

Anti spam measures is another reason why emails will not be delivered. Anti spam software is used to prevent people from receiving unsolicited messages. People who send these messages usually trawl the net using other software and collect email addresses, and then proceed to send them numerous emails. The anti spam software will stop such emails from getting delivered. If someone does not want to receive email from you, they have the option to list you as spam. If you send them email, it will bounce. In most cases, the sender will not know whether or not the email was not delivered, unlike in the instance above.How to improve email deliverabilityDo not send unsolicited email. Make sure that you type in addresses correctly and the double check to avoid errors.Allow recipients to let you know if they do not want to receive emails from you and then take those who don’t off your list.Check regularly on your deliverability to make sure that it is as high as possible.